Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You have dirt on your forehead....

Today is the official beginning of the Lenten season. We, as Catholics, are called to receive ashes on our forehead on this day to signify the beginning of Lent.

So I went to 11 am mass at the Cathedral this morning and it was pretty awesome. I started the Lenten season off with confession so I was able to receive Communion completely free of sin. (Uhm, how loving is our God?!)

Anyways, I was sitting in Starbucks before class today and I saw a guy from one of my classes. He came over to me and we started talking about our group project and other stuff. He noticed that I had ashes on my forehead and goes "Oh, is today Ash Wednesday? Are you Catholic?"

I was like yep, I am! Are you? And he basically told me that he had gone to Catholic school his whole life but kind of stopped as he's grown older. It was a really awesome conversation about Lent and stuff.

I don't know, I guess the reason I was so filled with joy is because sometimes it is really hard to wear ashes because it is such an outward symbol. Over the years I have gotten a lot of different responses to the wearing of ashes on Ash Wednesday, everything from "you have dirt on your forehead" to "what is Lent?".

Sometimes it's easier for us to just wipe off the ashes right after mass to avoid any awkward conversations that may come up.

But, remember that this is a simple way to Evangelize. As 90.5 spirit fm says "If you were baptized, you're a missionary". Be a missionary today and this Lent and wear your ashes proud!

I hope this Lent really brings you deeper into the Sacrifice that is our Lord and Savior.

Remember, no meat today or on Fridays!


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