Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"The Feeling"

You know that feeling you get sometimes.

You know the one I'm talking about. That feeling where everything is just wonderful. Total Euphoria. You have continuous chills, the good kind not the bad kind. And you're so happy you want  to cry. The one where it doesn't feel like anything could go wrong?

You know that feeling?
What is that feeling for you?
What does it mean?
When do you get it?

With your boyfriend or girlfriend? With your friends? With your tv shows? (hey whatever floats your boat I guess).

I get it rarely. It's always the same way though. I don't get it from my boyfriend (well, I don't have a boyfriend. But I don't think I'd get it from him). Not really from my friends, and I don't watch a lot of TV.

I do get it, however, when I'm with my Lord. It occurs when I'm in adoration, or after I've received the Eucharist. Sometimes it happens when I'm at youth group or in silent morning or evening prayer. I really only get it when I'm with my Lord.

I guess I'm blessed in that way. It really and truly makes me feel like God is giving me a big old hug. It's like a blanket of grace covers my entire body to make me feel secure, happy, loved.

Now, let me back track a bit. I have gotten somewhat of this feeling before; from guys, or "friends". It's a little bit different though. Its darker, not as sensational. It doesn't feel like euphoria, it feels like pride. It is pride.

I realize that the only way I can get the truly happy at peace euphoria that I was talking about is with God. Not with a handsy guy or gossipy friends. That was all fake.

Fake love.
Fake admiration.
Fake everything.

It's what the devil puts in our lives to make our sins feel good. To lure us into the temptations of him, and not of Him.

What makes you feel good?
Is it God? OR the devil?

I challenge you to figure it out.

Trust me, its a struggle. It's not going to stop being a struggle. I struggle with it all the time. Its worth trying though.

Tell me the attempt to getting into heaven isn't worth trying for.