Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Lent I'm giving up...

So about 3 Lent's ago I really started to feel the effect of the Lord's love.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm perfect, deserving, or without fault. In fact, I am with fault more times than not. I struggle a lot.

Anyways, I started to look into myself and the question of "What are you giving up for Lent" was constantly coming up.

Thats the year I decided that I would never give anything up for lent again.

Let's be REAL here. How does not eating chocolate or not drinking soda bring you closer to God? If it doesn't bring you any closer to Him than what is the point of it?

Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights as a sacrifice to God. If your sacrifice isn't for God in order for you to get closer to Him than what is the point?

I just feel like so many people use Lent as a "diet" scheme.  So many people use Lent as an excuse to not eat something, so that when they want to their head instantly goes back to "No, I'm giving it up for Lent. I can't.".

That doesn't make any sense.

Lent is about sacrifice, trying to make yourself ready for the outpouring of God's love that IS Good Friday. If it's anything less than I challenge you to rethink your Lenten sacrifice.


P.S. in case you are wondering, this Lent I'm going focus more on the power of prayer. This past few weeks I've been struggling a lot with the devil and such. I went to confession today and feel a lot better. Anyways the priest talked to me a lot about prayer and the power of it. So I'm really going to spend my days in silence, praying and trying to go deeper.

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